About Us

Born with a Belgian soul, an international mindset, and integrated into the Portuguese culture, BluePanda emerges as an exceptionally unique organization:

"A highly skilled, multicultural team with the right mindset that understands people and the international business landscape".

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to establish ourselves as the reference in Digital CRM and Marketing expertise for the international market by cultivating partnerships that consistently score high on the 'feel-good' scale.

We envision a landscape where businesses seamlessly connect and create authentic connections with their partners and customers!

Building a strong, intimate, professional relationship is our proven path to a successful flexible, and customer-focused partnership. Open communication on every layer creates deep understanding and intrinsically improves results.

With our specialized expert team, we aim to fill all the gaps to unleash unprecedented mutual success.

We grow if you grow!


Embracing a service mindset is at the core of our approach. We genuinely embody a commitment to being there for others. Our dedication to the service industry is unwavering, reflecting our sincere commitment to our role.

We work to understand people and businesses to provide relevant choices and meaningful solutions. Critically weighing every angle and supporting smart decisions sets us apart!

With relentless determination and work ethic, we are wired to get things done. When partnering with us, you're tapping into a force that thrives on delivering results.

We walk the talk!

Sustainability and Environment

At BluePanda, we are strongly committed to positively impacting both society and the environment! By engaging with local communities, we implement a comprehensive approach and take proactive steps to give back to society and safeguard nature.

Our offices are vibrant social hubs that host a wide range of initiatives and foster an inclusive, welcoming, respectful, and safe environment for everyone.

We aim to make a meaningful difference!