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Senior Software Engineer

Talent 1 is an experienced Full-Stack developer with a diverse background, having worked in finance, project management, logistics, inventory, and hospitality software.

Within the multiple technologies he has developed with, for the backend, he has mainly worked with the Microsoft development stack, but he also has experience with Flask and Coldfusion. On the frontend, he has overwhelmingly worked with LWC and Angular, beginning with AngularJS and transitioning into Angular 2+, and he also has some experience with Flex and ReactJS.

Talent 1 is a dedicated and fast learner who can easily adapt to any situation. He is passionate about new technologies and is always keeping track of new frameworks and approaches to improve the projects he is working on.

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Salesforce Consultant

Expert 3 is an experienced analyst and developer with proficiency in Salesforce and Ruby on Rails, with more than 7 years of experience.

Having ease in reading and understanding source code, he always works to assure scalability, data integrity, performance, and API structuring. Version control, object orientation, and database management systems are also part of his skills.

Expert 3 is always eager to learn new things, and currently, he has 6 Salesforce certifications, the most recent one being the Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer.

As a creative, proactive, and dedicated professional, he always tries to put hard work into everything he does, while bringing a calm mindset.

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Senior Software Developer

With a solutions-oriented mindset and a strong commitment to collaboration, Expert 4 is a problem-solver Senior Software Developer with around 10 years of experience!

He is an analytical professional specializing in Information Systems, with technical skills in JavaScript, TypeScript, AWS, .Net, C#, Oracle Database & MS SQL, CSS, JS, and VueJs. He also uses several web design software to develop customer-focused applications, websites, and designs while keeping SEO in mind.

Expert 4 is a skilled expert committed to high web design standards, user experience, usability, and speed for multiple types of end-users. He actively seeks out projects where he can enhance his skills and effectively meet customer goals and needs.

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Full-Stack Analyst Developer

Highly skilled and results-driven, Expert 5 is a Full-Stack Analyst Developer with over 11 years of experience and a deep understanding of software development's full life cycle.

To pursue his passion for technology, he took an Information Systems degree, specializing in Information Technology Management and Project Management. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated proficiency in leveraging cutting-edge technologies and frameworks, with a particular focus on .Net 6, .NET Core, and Angular, complemented by a working knowledge of Node.JS and some other technologies on demand.

With a strong front-end and back-end development foundation, he can seamlessly bridge the gap between design and implementation. He always delivers high-quality projects successfully by employing agile methodologies and best coding practices.

Expert 5 is an enthusiast for creativity, technology, analysis, development, management, and SOLID principles, and he always tries to bring his positive mindset and joyful personality to the table.

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Mobile and Frontend Developer

Expert 6 is a Frontend & Mobile Developer with expertise in Android and iOS development, with almost 10 years of experience!

After graduating in Information Systems, he worked as a Frontend developer, using technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, Android, and MSSQL. Later, he focused on Mobile (Android, iOS, ReactNative, Flutter) and FullStack development (ReactJS, Python, PHP, .Net, SQLite).

As a strong team player and hard worker, Expert 6 looks forward to working on projects that allow him to extend his knowledge in the Mobile/Web world and to be able to deliver exceptional results to grow the business.

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Software Engineer

Being passionate about web environments, Expert 7 is a Software Engineer with almost 9 years of experience.

He specializes in several key technologies, including PHP, CodeIgniter, HTML5, CSS3, Linux, Vagrant, GIT, Angular.JS, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Arduino, Photoshop, and Amazon AWS.

Expert 7 is proactive, dynamic, and organized, always seeking to learn new technologies and encouraging people to give their best in their tasks and contribute to the team's success!

He is always looking forward to new challenges, aiming to develop the best solutions.

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UX/UI Designer

As a specialist designer with over 10 years of experience, Expert 8 surpasses in leveraging design and creativity to articulate company purpose, ensure brand coherence, and build strong customer connections.

Specializing in user-centric design, she drives digital projects across diverse industries, including web services, e-commerce, startups, and retail. Expert 8 brings adaptability, efficiency and excellence to every project.

With an eye-detailed approach, she has the proven ability to translate design concepts into tangible business outcomes, making her a valuable asset to any organization seeking a dynamic and visionary design leader.

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Web Developer/Technical Marketeer

Expert 9 started to work in Web Development in 2017, and since 2019, he has been working as a Marketing Automation Specialist focusing on technical implementations!

While completing his bachelor's degree in management and later in Computer Science, he worked in parallel as a Full-time Developer.

His main experience is within the .Net Stack, mainly in .Net Framework and .Net Core. Also, frontend development has always been present with Javascript, Typescript, Bootstrap, JQuery, MVC/razor pages, and ASP.Net.

Expert 9 has a mediator-type personality; he is communicative and good at thinking outside the box.

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Digital Marketer

Driven by a passion for communication, Talent 10 transitioned from Economics to Marketing, obtaining a Master's Degree.

With more than 2 years working in Social Media Management and copywriting, she has been integrating internal and external projects at BluePanda, specializing in social media management and copywriting.

Beyond her professional achievements, Talent 10 actively engages in social causes and has integrated charity organizations like Aldeias SOS in the Marketing area. She seeks learning opportunities and looks forward to embracing challenges in future projects.

Known for her joyful and team-oriented attitude, Talent 10 brings a unique, outside-the-box perspective to any environment.

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Digital & Communication Specialist

With over 4 years in Digital Communication, Talent 11 is a skilled Digital Marketing Specialist, scoring high in creating and managing compelling content for business profiles across social media, websites, and email marketing.

She efficiently manages tools like Trello, Meta Business, Canva, Mailchimp, and Mailerlite and has HubSpot Landing Page content editing knowledge. Her strengths are managing social media and communication strategies, performance analysis, and online content optimization, showcasing mastery in copywriting.

Thriving in diverse environments, Talent 11 owns key soft skills such as versatility, multitasking, strong team spirit, and integration capacity. She is actively updating skills through ongoing training and certifications and is enthusiastic about engaging in copywriting and digital communication projects to keep improving her expertise.

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Marketing Consultant

Expert 12 has been working as a Marketing Consultant since 2018 and has been able to use her Digital Marketing skills in Eloqua Oracle, Pardot, and Marketing Cloud. Her professional and personal profile and strengths fit with the CRM industry!

She is a fast learner, creative, and problem-solving person, and she is strong in strategic planning and interpersonal relationships. She likes to work in a motivating professional environment with a good team and open communication.

Expert 12 has a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and a Post-graduation in Digital Marketing and Social Media. In the past few years, while working at BluePanda, she has focused on getting her certifications and completing several trainings in different areas.

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