Why BluePanda?

We are your truly unique partner!

The BluePanda team is here to support you. Because we care about your organization, project, and results, we think alongside you to find the best way forward. Our empathy, experience, and creative mindset allow us to provide tailored future-proof smart choices.

Our power and willingness to adapt is one of a kind. You will find a highly flexible partner in working with BluePanda.

Professional informality is our key to understanding how to adapt best to your organization. We build relevant close professional relationships to support the communication needed for efficiency in decision-making, delivery, and problem-solving.

In this structured network, key stakeholders at various levels engage in seamless personal interactions, fostering an effective and transparent collaboration.

We value personal and social connections and support our partnership with an elaborate team-building approach. Regular visits, online events, and team meetings are part of the normal.

Our team consists of exceptional individuals who radiate both talent and happiness. BluePanda invests in the well-being of employees, and we strongly believe that delivers better results.

Working at and with BluePanda is a unique experience!

We are a partner, not a supplier!

Our partnership concept involves fostering strong partner relationships and adopting a service-oriented approach. The emphasis lies in flexible and proven work models for the integration of expertise, team extensions, and project delivery, where humanized processes stay central.

We actively listen, collaborate, and drive your success forward. We'll challenge and push for progress, all while respecting your timeline.

We grow if you grow!

Contracts matter, but our commitment to your long-term goals thrives when we embrace exceptions and adapt flexibly to your business and economic needs.

Elevating success through adaptability.

We deliver dedicated expertise with named resources. We honor your preferences, never shifting staff without an employee or customer request. Our goal is to cultivate a long-term connection for a stable employee-customer relationship.

Your vision, our commitment.

We provide tailored training for your sales and operations teams, offer proposal support, and drive your employee´s engagement in embracing nearshore practices.

People matter!

A transparent and optimized selection process.

Selecting the right person is an important factor in the success of any cooperation. Our selection process consists of internal selection and national and international recruitment with high transparency and involvement of the customer team.

We Search, Select, and Match!

Our search starts with our internal team and extends across Portugal and Europe to find the right person for you.

Our long-list is always carefully filtered by evaluating the main skills, financial aspects and most importantly personality & culture compatibility. All our employees and candidates have a minimum level in English of B2.

Matching zeroes further in on assessing culture and project suitability, considering both personal and technical dimensions.

Throughout the process, we give insight into all profiles and consider customer input early in the process. This close cooperation ensures a smart choice and the best acceptance in the team.

We implement industry-standard project methodologies!

We proudly uphold industry-standard project methodologies, placing a strong emphasis on efficiency and excellence in our approach.

Our knowledge and experience extend into the SAFe-scaled agile framework, emphasizing the cultivation of high-performing teams (HPT).

Quality is upheld by practically implementing PMI/PMBOK standards and principles.

Working at BluePanda

As a people-centric organization, we deeply recognize that our employees form the very heart and soul of our enterprise.

Our commitment is dedicated to ensuring that we continuously provide our team with compelling projects, comprehensive training opportunities, competitive compensation packages, and the cultivation of a thriving corporate culture.

Find out more about working at BluePanda through our current job openings at jobs.bluepanda.pt